Broadway is My Beat

Broadway’s My Beat, a radio crime drama, ran on CBS from February 27, 1949 to August 1, 1954. With music by Robert Stringer, the show originated from New York during its first three months on the air, with Anthony Ross portraying Times Square Detective Danny Clover. John Dietz directed for producer Lester Gottlieb.

Beginning with the July 7, 1949 episode, the series was broadcast from Hollywood with producer Elliott Lewis directing a new cast in scripts by Morton Fine and David Friedkin. The opening theme of “I’ll Take Manhattan” introduced Detective Danny Clover (played by Larry Thor), a hardened New York City cop who worked homicide “from Times Square to Columbus Circle — the gaudiest, the most violent, the lonesomest mile in the world.”

Listen to Broadway is My Beat radio shows on Prelinger Archives

Prelinger Archives is My Friend

Nick Carter, Master Detective

Prelinger Archives is the best. Where else can you listen to old time radio shows? Nick Carter, Private Detective is one of my favorites. Some of my peeps don’t understand why I like old stuff like that. Seriously, they have no imagination. I made sure that I put a lot of them on cd. You never know when stuff is going to magically disappear off of the internet. I put most of my faith in things that are tangible. To me, the internet is still some kind of magical dreamland where one day you could wake up and stuff would be *POOF* gone.

Another old time radio show that I like is Broadway is My Beat . Broadway Is My Beat was a CBS radio crime drama series which ran from 1949 to 1954. The show originated in New York for the first 12 episodes, which was then moved to Hollywood. The story revolved around a hardened New York City policeman who worked the homicide devision.

Broadway is sleeping now…the furious avenues of the night are still…only the sleepwalkers are there…the seekers, the sodden…it’s Broadway. The gaudiest. The most violent. The lonliest mile in the world. Broadway…my beat!

Hmmm…It kind of makes me want to live there.